James B. Finley Page/Orson Adams--John Smith Adams--Ann Adams Rose Watts--Hilda Rose Palmer--Mom--Me

On May 11, 1844 John Smith Adams was born in Macdonia, Hancock County, Illinois (now known as Webster) to James B. Finley Page and his wife, Lucinda Thorpe Page. John's mother died when he was three weeks old, a month later he was adopted by a childless couple, Orson and Susanna Smith Adams. They were good parents to him. He spent the first few years of his life in Nauvoo, Illinois until the LDS people were forced to leave Nauvoo. John's birth father remarried (Sally Russell), left the LDS church and went to Beaver Island with the Strangites. He was involved in some of the incidents with that church there. He later settled in California.
John S. Adams came to Utah in one of the first companies arriving in September 1847. He traveled with his adoptive grandparents, Dr. Priddy and Sarah Meeks because his parents went with the Mormon Battalion. John and his parents were reunited in Salt Lake and helped to settle Parowan and later Harrisburg, Utah. In his early years John S. served as an Indian scout, helped guide pioneer companies on their way through Southern Utah on their way to California and reportedly as a pony express rider.
John S. Adams married twice. He and his first wife Sarah Jane Averett had three daughters, they later divorced. John's second wife was Mary Elizabeth Adair, daughter of Thomas Jefferson and his wife Mary Vancil Adair. John S. and Mary had 13 children. They lived in Utah, Arizona and Nevada finally settling in Annabella, Utah where they lived the remainder of their lives.
John and Mary's oldest daughter, Ann is my great grandmother. She first married Henry Hyrum Rose. They had five children together, three died as infants. Their two surviving children- Hilda (my grandmother) was eleven and Jack (John) was five when their father passed away. Ann Adams Rose married a second time to Ben Watts and had two more children: Lola and Archie.


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